Emily Marchesiello is a graduate of the Masters of Fine Arts program at Queens College CUNY. She is a visual artist from New York who specializes in fine point line drawing, oil painting and watercolor painting. Emily derives her inspiration from the natural world and the fantasy realm.  The process of intentional mark making is a meditation - each line and dot is a physical manifestation of thought, while at the same time a product of mindless release.

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Procedure and Pricing for Pet Portraits

All portraits are based off images provided by the buyer.  All portraits are unique, one of a kind artworks created by the Artist and all rights are reserved by the Artist.  Please do not reproduce any images created by the Artist without permission to do so.  To order a pet portrait please use the contact form linked at the top of this website and see below for pricing.  Thank you!!  

Watercolor, Ink, or Pencil Portraits

8"x10", $200

9"x12", $250

12"x16", $350

14"x18", $400

* Smaller and larger sizes upon request.